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Focuses on basic movements of Taekwondo to increase children's reflexes, strength, flexibility, and most importantly, coordination. The program teaches children the values of the ATA life skills: Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Respect, Disciple, Integrity, Teamwork, Persistence, Goals, and having a Black Belt Attitude. The curriculum also covers stranger danger, 911 safety, and self-defense skills. Students are promoted on a 12-week testing cycle and have their own special belt system. Classes are taught by certified ATA instructors in a safe, nurturing, family-oriented environment.

This program may be entered into within 6 months of enrollment. In the Black Belt Club students begin weapons training, sparring, and board breaking in preparation for Black Belt.

This program is for children ages 6-12 years old. Students work on traditional Taekwondo techniques that increase their strength, reaction time, coordination, and flexibility. Emphasis is also put on the ATA life skills. Extra reinforcement is placed on schoolwork and disciple at home. Students are promoted on an 8-week testing cycle.

Tiny Tiger - Ages 3-6

Karate for Kids

Black Belt Club

The Leadership program is for children 12 and under. This program focuses on leadership skills like setting an example, public speaking, initiative, and the ATA life skills. Students get to participate in advanced weaponry, grappling, assisting in classes, and the High Octane Demo Team Program.


In this program students begin training in the advanced areas of the martial arts offered at Mason's ATA including: advanced weapons, joint manipulation, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and advanced board breaking techniques. Master Club members also get to take advantage of the High Octane Demo Team program and Complete Combat program.

Masterís Club

Xtreme Martial Arts (XMA) is a combination of techniques, methods† of movements and philosophies from all martial arts styles. It is a mixture of martial arts and dance blended together with high-flying acrobatics and gymnastics and the hottest Hong Kong "Chop-Saki" action. It is what the kids are seeing on TV, in the movies, and on the Internet. The goal of XMA is to take the skills our students have to the Xtreme level and to challenge the students to become better than they thought possible.

ATA Extreme / XMA

The Complete Combat© program focuses on students age 13 and up. This program covers martial systems in the four ranges of unarmed combat as seen in mixed martial arts competition today. Students cover western boxing, muay thai kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and wrestling, as well as advanced physical conditioning. This program is only for the serious student interested in either unbelievable physical conditioning or actually mixed martial arts competition. Many of the Complete Combat© students participate in High Octane Fighting Championship© events. This program may be entered alone or in conjunction with other martial programs offered at Masonís ATA Black Belt Academy. The Complete Combat© program was developed by Chief Instructor, Jere Mason, and has been implemented in numerous other martial art schools across the country.

Complete Combat© Mixed Martial Arts

Masonís Martial Arts Productions is a division of Masonís ATA that promotes martial arts sporting events. One of the largest is the High Octane Fighting Championships©. This event showcases amateur athletes from across the country in kickboxing and nearly anything goes Complete Combat© matches. Click the HOFC link for more information on this exciting event. For tickets contact Masonís ATA directly.

High Octane Fighting Championships©


Masonís ATA periodically offers a female self-defense program known as SHARP (Sexual Harassment Assault & Rape Prevention). This program covers countermeasures for everything from work or school harassment to full sexual battery. Masonís ATA will travel to appropriate locations to instruct this program off site. Contact Masonís ATA directly to schedule a seminar.

Womenís Self-Defense Seminars

Masonís ATA offers an awesome calorie burning kickboxing based cardio-KARATE program. This high energy music driven class will help you stay in shape or get in shape while having tons of fun. Classes last approx. one hour and incorporate kicking, punching, dance, free weights, ab, glute, and bag work.


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