-3 three minute rounds (title matches are 5 three minute rounds)

-one minute between rounds

-A horn will signal the beginning and ending of each round. 3 strikes on the mat will signal 10 seconds remaining in a round.


 You may win by

· Knockout

· Submission

· Opponents corner throws in the towel

· Referee or doctor stoppage

· Judges Decision


Three judges will score the fight using the 10 point must system. They will score on the basics of: Striking techniques (punches, kicks, knees, elbows, etc.) landed, takedowns, positions on the ground (held or reversed), number of submissions attempted, aggressiveness, and overall fighting effectiveness.


Required Equipment

All fighters must wear:

· At least 5 oz. Complete Combat approved gloves, no larger than 7oz.

· Mouthpiece

· Cup & Supporter

· Hands may be taped but must be witnessed by HOFC official


There will be NO

 - Strikes to the groin or throat

 - Strikes of any kind when on the ground

 - Strikes to the knee joint

 - Strikes to the spine

 - Knees or elbows to the face (standing or on the ground)

 - Eye gouging

 - Fish hooking the mouth

 - Suplexes or takedowns in which a fighter intentionally drops an opponent on his or her head (armbar counter slams are legal)

 - Heel hooks

 - Grabbing the ropes

 - Use of the ropes in a submission

 - Shoes worn


While Standing

Fighters may punch and kick to the head, body, and legs. Fighters may knee and elbow to any area EXCEPT the head, spine, knee joint and groin.


While on the Grounding

The referee may stop the fight at any time he feels necessary due to a lack of action.  A fighter on the ground may strike the head of an opponent who is standing. However, a standing fighter may not strike the head of an opponent who is on the ground. “Up kicks” from the back are legal.  


While on the Grounding

A fighter is considered “down” if anything other than the flats of his or her feet are on the canvass.

While fighters are on the ground, if they should travel to close to the ropes or edge of the canvass the referee may “reset” them in the exact same position they are found in. If this should occur the referee will yell “freeze”  while touching both fighters and then move them to the center of the ring. Before restarting them in the same position the referee will ask both fighters if the position is satisfactory. Once agreed, the referee will touch both fighters again and yell “fight.”


Pre Fight

All fighters must sign a HOFC Fighter Registration Form prior to competing in a HOFC sanctioned bout.  To insure participation in a HOFC event fighters should pre-register. All fighters are advised to consult with their physician prior to the event.  Mason’s ATA Black Belt Academy, Mason’s  Martial Arts Production, it’s staff, referees, judges, medical staff, participants, Jere Mason, and the location the event is held are NOT responsible for any damages or loss to persons who participate in any HOFC or other combative event. All fighters must pass a pre fight exam by a HOFC medical staff member prior to participation in the event. Fighters must also weigh in pre fight (see weight divisions.)


Post Fight

All fighters must pass a post fight medical exam conducted by a HOFC medical staff member immediately after their bout. The fighter has the option to sign autographs at an autograph table after completing the exam.


Weight Divisions

Weight Class



125 lbs. and below

Super Lightweight

125.1 to 140 lbs.


140.1 to 155 lbs.


155.1 to 170 lbs.


170.1 to 185 lbs.

Light Heavyweight

185.1 to 205 lbs.


205.1 to 265 lbs.

Super Heavyweight

265.1 lbs. and above


Weight Divisions

A fighter will be weighed in the day of the event approximately one and a half hours prior to the first bout start time. A fighter must be within two lbs. of their weight class (up or down) or they may not be allowed to fight. In title matches only one pound is allowed plus or minus the allowed weight per weight class.



All HOFC Fighters will be ranked online at www.masonsata.com.  Fighters rankings will be listed in each weight division and will be based on the following points:

Each HOFC Sanctioned Fight—5 points

Win a HOFC Sanctioned Fight—10 points

Fight a HOFC Sanctioned Fight to a Draw—5 points

Each HOFC Sanctioned submission wrestling bout—

           5 points (win or lose)

Lose a HOFC Sanctioned Fight—No Additional Points

Lose a HOFC Title Bout—See Below


Example: Fighter Joe

Fighter Joe defeats Fighter Bob (Fighter Joe receives 15 points) total points: 15

Fighter Joe loses to Fighter Tom (Fighter Joe receives 5 points) total points: 20

Fighter Joe draws with Fighter Bill (Fighter Joe receives 10 points) total points: 30

Fighter Joe loses title match to Fighter Bob—Fighter Joe total points: 20


Every six months of inactivity will result in negative 10 points to a fighter’s ranking. Fighters with the most points will be considered for  title shots first. A defeat in a title match will result in a fighter starting over in the rankings with 20 points OR whatever previous points they had less than 20 prior to the title match.


HOFC Champions will take possession of custom championship belts. These belts are the property of the High Octane Fighting Championships and Mason’s Martial Arts. Once a fighter loses the title in a sanctioned HOFC title match, the belt must be released to the victor. All HOFC title match fighters must sign a form stating that they understand that the Title Belts are the property of Mason’s Martial Arts and that HOFC Title Matches may only be held after sanctioning by Jere Mason (HOFC President.) Should a HOFC champion wish to keep their title belt it may be purchased for $250. Checks should be made payable to Mason’s Martial Arts. Fighters are reminded that HOFC fighters are amateur fighters only and receive  NO financial compensation of any kind for travel time or participation.

Fighters interested in becoming HOFC Fighters should contact Mason’s Martial Arts by e-mail, phone, or mail at 862 Hwy 51 N., Covington, TN 38019. Send all items to the attention of Jere Mason.

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HOFC Rules and Regulations