“Changing the World,

One Black Belt at a Time!”

The Mason family welcomes you

Welcome to Mason's ATA Black Belt Academy

Mason’s ATA Black Belt Academy is a leader in martial arts instruction in Tennessee. Located in Covington, TN, Mason's ATA is  the home of numerous taekwondo and mixed martial art champions. 

We teach students of all ages and physical abilities with emphasis on discipline, respect, self-control, confidence, and many other life skills designed to help create a well rounded martial artist. The body is tuned as well with traditional and contemporary martial arts training aimed at increasing overall physical fitness. 

Each class is led by highly dedicated Certified instructors. Each Mason’s ATA instructor is not only an expert in their field, but also a positive example in the local community.

Stop in for a tour or contact us by phone or email with any questions that you may have. We are eager to assist you towards reaching your goals. Don't hesitate, GET STARTED TODAY.

Mason's ATA Black Belt Academy

862 Hwy 51 N.

Covington, TN 38019

To contact us:

Phone: 901-476-9915

E-mail: surdragon@msn.com

Welcome New Students:

Hannah Stafford

Greg, Sydney, and Kaleb Blackwell

Dakota Foley

Jimi and Charly Green

Kaden Davis

Welcome new Black Belt Club students:

Gunnar Huetson

Robert Sells

Cody Otasowie

Vickie Williams

Johnathan Burkhardt


Welcome new Master Club students:

Lynelle, James, and Tymothy Kaiser


Welcome new Junior Leaders:

Lilyan and Kelsi Williams


Welcome new Instructors:

Timothy Miles

Join the Mason’s ATA Fight Team, TEAM HIGH OCTANE!

Jere Mason, head coach

Ace Lewis, assistant coach

Jay “The Punisher” Black

Adam “The Maniac” Ennis

Steven “The Sandman” Davidson

John “Mr. Freeze” Adams

Michael “Brick” Jaureque

Meagan Irick

Amanda Smith

Tony Coley

Chad Pruitt

Aaron Beasley

Chris Hudson

Tim Smith

Finley Green

Alex Ehret

Nick Garza

Todd Teems

Mark Huetson

Stephen Orozco

Brantley “The Sentinel” Childress

Sanford “Dirt Bulldog” Cross

Jon Lightsey